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(Archived) Firefox 18

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Hi - I'm currently on FF19 and now you mention it I don't have an icon either. Hadn't actually noticed, because (in Windows Vista at least) if you right-click the screen there's an "Add to Evernote" menu option with choices for Selection / Page / URL etc. which I tend to use in preference to moving the mouse up to the icon bar.

I'd guess the potential fixes are: (checking to see if there's an icon at each stage...)

  • restart Firefox
  • restart your computer
  • uninstall the add-on, re-download the latest version and reinstall
  • (if you get really desperate) search the forum for Evernote re-installation instructions

..although since we are both missing the icon, it might be that Evernote's spotty relationship with Firefox is just going through a rougher patch and we'll have to wait for a fix!

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I am using FF19, and have both the Evernote icon and the Clearly icon. These are both Add-ons, and I don't know that they're automatically installed with the Evernote desktop client, but they can certainly be installed from the Add-ons page in Firefox.

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