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Mac Evernote blocks on Mac when 1) full screen mode + 2) popup message

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I just upgraded to 5.0.5 on my Macbook, and faced a blocking situation :

Symptoms :

Evernote was running in full screen mode and block completely after showing screen

After thinking about it :

Evernote went into full screen, but what if a popup window was waiting for my response

(which appeared to be the case : it asked how to sync the shortcuts)

Solution :

switch off all netwerk access

start Evernote

stop full screen mode

start network


now the popup can be answered

Evernote dev team : a ticket to fix?


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Same issue for me. Reinstalling the product cannot solve that, so Luc thank you for the excellent tip to solving this very frustrating problem.

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HI, I struck the same issue. Evernote is a mission critical app for me, so getting locked out on a main machine was enormously frustrating. Like @pagocs, I uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail, so really appreciated this workaround.

Needs to be fixed, kind of urgently!

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Thank you for the solution vandevyver. I'd been struggling for over an hour... (I tried accessibility options, using the keyboard to tab around, and hiding/showing EN all to no avail.)

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This just happened to me, too. 


And the popup message is just "Is this still your email address?" Like, WHAT? 

No more system modal popup messages, ok? Like, ever. never never ever block everything with a popup message. Especially one that doesn't actually appear on screen when in full screen mode.


You know, the only reason I use this app is because my husband uses it and we occasionally share notebooks. If it weren't for that, I'd be completely done with Evernote. Buggy, ill-designed garbage. How many shades of grey can we put the text buttons in? Like, 5? And ***** icons - just text label everything so the user can't tell what's a label and what's an actionable button or switch. And the web interface is even worse. Sometimes there's a delete button and sometimes its a drop down menu? And on and on. Gross.

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Oh and to use the popup message to change my email address I get redirected to the browser. WHY IS THERE EVEN AN APP AT ALL?!?

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