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(Archived) Processing?



I just updated to 5.0.5 on my macbook and am seeing a peculiar behavior:

At the bottom left, where the sync progress bar is, it says "processing" - but nothing appears to be happening. The bar is black.

Also, when I clip something into EN and sync, the bar turns blue, but when the sync is finished, the note is not there, though the notebook indicates a new note is in the inbox.

Meanwhile, I tried to move some notes out of my Inbox into another notebook. The Inbox now reports "0" notes, but it still contains the original 12 notes I just moved. When I go to the folder where I moved them, they are not there. The note location the moved notes indicates that they are all now in the new folder.

Not sure if these two things are related, whether they are temporary or a bug.

This is the first problem I've had with EverNote 5.

Anybody else seeing something like this?

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It looks as if this has resolved itself. The processing bar is now blue and moving, and the notes are where they should be.

I guess I'm just impatient. :wacko:

Hi. You are impatient :)

Me too. I complained about this a while ago and was told processing is what happens, and nothing strange is going on.

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