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(Archived) Display Tags For Notes Within Search Results



Working with Evernote 5. I used to use Evernote a lot, and have not really familiarized myself with the new Evernote 5.

In the older version, there was a very useful feature that displayed tags in the side bar and there was an option to only show the remaining tags that were still found within the existing search or notebook you were in. How do you do this?

When working on a research product in the past, this was a big way I used Evernote. If you are in a notebook that contains all your research, how can I get a list of the tags that are found on notes within that notebook? Also, if I think click on one of those notes (which only displays a subset of notes from that notebook that have that tag), how would I see a list of the tags found on notes within that subset?

Sorry if I am not posing this question correct... any help would be appreciated.

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