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(Archived) Synching Folders

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Hello All,

I just switched to an iMac from a windows pc. Loving the iMac but have a few questions with evernote. On my windows pc I was able to create folders on the pc and set those folders up to sync with certain notebooks. I can not figure out how to do this on the iMac. Is it possible? I also don't see the check box to keep the local copy after sync. I can delete them with a script if needed but wanted to see if there is a better approach.



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I'm guessing you are asking about Import Folders. For some odd reason, the Mac version of Evernote does not have this functionality (as far as I know).

There are many ways you can accomplish something similar. Personally I use an app called Hazel and you can read about my workflow here: http://www.documentsnap.com/behind-these-paperless-evernote-hazel-eyes. See the comments on that post for how to modify it to specify a certain notebook.

If you don't want to drop the $ for Hazel, you could attach a similar script to a folder using a Folder Action. I'm sure there are other ways, so I'm interested to see what others do.

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