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(Archived) How to back up/export all my Evernote notes to my Yahoo account?


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I have read and looked around but did not find anything on this with an easy 2 step process.

I would like to save all notes at once in html form that could be retrieved easily after in case of crash.

My sense would be to save all notes in one file -say in my desktop- and then save that file into Yahoo eMail.

Could anyone please show me step by step how could I do that?

Thank you kindly


Do the Forum posts offer the ability for me to get immediate notification to my eMail when somebody posts an answer?

Thank you kindly.

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Select "All Notes" from the notebook panel (displays all notes in the note list)

In the note list, select all notes

Right click on the selected notes and select Export... (or from the main menu, select File / Export...)

Export in the HTML format that you want.

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