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(Archived) iPhone app or physical scanner for smoothest receipt tagging/scanning workflow?

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It's a new year. I'd like to get more organized with receipts and other paperwork for my small business. After reading some reviews, I was all set to buy a Doxie Go (or similar) portable scanner, when some other article reminded me that I could just use any one of a number of iPhone apps to snap receipts and send them to Evernote.

Do the physical scanners offer any particular advantage over Scanner Pro, FastEver, or other scanning apps for ease of upload? (100% fidelity not required for receipts.)

Which scanning app is easiest to use once you have it set up correctly?


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I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap for power scanning (including receipts) and CamScanner on my android for mobile work. I've also just added picture notes via the widget from time to time. I don;t know that any app or scanner provides a particular advantage - as long as you have a reasonable quality OCR will find enough information for you to be able to locate a receipt of interest later as necessary. I'd suggest you start off with the apps and see which works best for you - if in doubt choose cheap or free first. Its unlikely you'll need a scanner just for receipts, but as you get to know Evernote you may well find more uses...

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