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  1. It's a new year. I'd like to get more organized with receipts and other paperwork for my small business. After reading some reviews, I was all set to buy a Doxie Go (or similar) portable scanner, when some other article reminded me that I could just use any one of a number of iPhone apps to snap receipts and send them to Evernote. Do the physical scanners offer any particular advantage over Scanner Pro, FastEver, or other scanning apps for ease of upload? (100% fidelity not required for receipts.) Which scanning app is easiest to use once you have it set up correctly? Thanks.
  2. Okay, never mind. I've figured it out. Move along, nothing to see here. (But I can't delete my post.)
  3. How do I create a checklist within Evernote on iPhone? My original question applied to the Mac as well, but I just realized that Evernote shows me the relevant toolbar (only) once I title my new note. Possibly not the most newbie-friendly behavior.
  4. Thanks all - this has been super helpful. I'm enjoying my early exploration of Evernote - the OCR, in particular, still seems like magic!
  5. Given that much of my Evernote content is text or (hopefully) OCR-to-text, when would I want to add titles and tags, other than for a voice memo? Why titles AND tags as separate fields? Thanks.
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