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REQ: option to enable confirm on notebook/tag drag-and-drop


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I sometimes find myself accidentally moving notebooks and tags when working on a touchpad. This is a pain as there is no option to undo tag/notebook actions, and my guess is this will be an even more common problem on Windows 8 Pro tablets/laptops when scrolling the notebook/tag list on a touchscreen. So please consider this!

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Which actions are causing you to accidentally move notes? Is it dragging notes onto notebooks, accidentally selecting the notebook dropdown... or something else?

I'm not accidentally moving notes, but accidentally moving notebooks and tags between different stacks and within the tag tree (have 1200+ nested tags). It happens when high-speed browsing between different tags and notebooks. My guess is that this could also easily happen when scrolling the notebook/tag frame on a touchscreen, as you have to drag your finger inside this frame to scroll, where there is pretty much no empty space (even less now after the recent update optimizing the use of space), accidentally selecting one of the tags and then dragging it somewhere else when swiping your finger to scroll.

When you don't know which tag you have accidentally moved and into where, as the new tag parent isn't highlighted after the move, there is no way to find out which tag you moved and where it went.

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I think this is somewhat related. I'm a little older, and sometimes get a little hick-up it the click when I choose a notebook to view. It is a small! movement of the mouse during the click.

It imparts some serious momentum to the notebook, which ends up as part of a stack somewhere else in the list. I have to go look for it and drag it back to "Notebooks".

Not a real problem and it's my fault, but it's annoying.



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