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(Archived) REQUEST: Different email address for notebooks

Sam CB


When I email notes to my Evernote notebook, I know that I can add the @NOTEBOOK tag to the end of the subject to get it to put the note into a specific notebook - rather than just the Inbox. This is a great feature. However, this is an additional hassle and you need to remember the name of the notebook as well as to edit the subject.

It would be much easier if it was possible to assign a different email address to various notebooks. This way, I could have an email address that would send notes to my Inbox and a separate one that could send a note to my Reading notebook. My guess is that I would need say 5 separate email addresses maximum as I normally only use a few notebooks heavily at one time but other users might want to have more or less unlimited email addresses.

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Or perhaps allowing adding notebook names as a suffix to the one assigned email address, like Gmail allows for your email address.

{random assigned email string}+Notebook@m.evernote.com

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If you use Gmail, there is a new tool that allows you to send emails from gmail to evernote with no hassles. It also popups your entire list of notebooks and tags so that you make sure you send your emails to the appropriate location. It's called - Powerbot. Check it out.

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