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  1. There are several software tools that might do what you are asking. They are Zapier and IFTTT. These apps integrate nicely with Evernote to setup automatic sharing of data with them, by using tags. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi JenB, to add to what gazumped mentioned regarding each platform having different ways on how they perform/do things, I would like to mention that I currently have an iPhone and use the setup as you do with Evernote connected to the Sunrise calendar app and it works just fine. Also, just make sure that if you do decide to go back to the iPhone, make sure to sign into your Evernote account using the same account that you currently use on your Android phone and other platforms so that your data syncs to your phone again. Hope this helps.
  3. Forgive if I'm not understanding your question DerekHandforth, however, you stated that you had your iPhone with your train ticket on it and it prompted you to download it from Evernote. You said that there was no wifi, however, I must ask - Do you not have a data plan on your iPhone? If you do, then you should have been able to open/access your train ticket barcode without using wifi.
  4. johnnysewell, I have an iPad Air 2 and my evernote accounts is synced on my iPad with no problems. What issues are you having?
  5. Jeddy, I agree with gazumped in that Evernote is a repository tool for documents and information, with a few settings to tweak how it functions. Once you start putting alot of options in it, it becomes bogged down and way too complex. To do what you are requesting, there are many mobile apps/computer applications which already integrate nicely with Evernote to do just what you are asking. For instance, I use a mobile app called - Camscanner. It allows me to use either my phone or tablet to scan a document, send it directly into Evernote and at the same time, move it into an existing notebook and even tag the file. Hope this helped!!!!!
  6. Hey Richard, if you look at the bottom of the screen, you should see the words - "Got It". If you click on that, the next time that you sign into your account, you should no longer get the "Work chat is new in Evernote" option. Hopefully this helps.
  7. Tap inside your note to start the process of copying pictures. After doing so, your icons should now include an icon that looks like a picture frame(it's to the right of the camera icon). When you click this icon, you should now see all pictures which are in your camera roll. You should have the ability to select as many pictures as you want to add to your note. Hope this helps.
  8. Adobe Reader is a part of Adobe Acrobat. It's a scaled down version where it mainly just allows you to view pdf documents. The only reason that you would need to use Adobe Acrobat to open your files is if you want to make changes to them. If that's the case, what you need to do is change the default program/application that allows you to open pdf documents from within your operating system(Windows 7 etc.) from Adobe Reader to Adobe Acrobat. Hope this helps. PS: If you have both Adobe Reader & Acrobat installed, just delete Reader and then all of your pdf documents will open in Adobe Acrobat as you need.
  9. To answer your question "Music Man", yes Evernote recently made a significant, visual change to the Android Evernote app. The current version, as far as I know is - 5.9.2. To find out which version you are on, go to the homepage, click on the little "hamburger" icon(menu button at the top right corner). click on Settings. click on Support. You should now see which version is currently installed on your device. Here are some of the changes that they made: What's NewA fresh look for the app, redesigned to serve you better!Quick note-tap the round green + to create different types of notesRevamped navigation-simpler navigation drawer with direct access to shortcutsImproved note editor-cleaner layout-undo/redo capabilityHandwriting improvements- shape recognition- pinch to zoomEvernote Web Clipper Hope this helps.
  10. First, let me say that I wasn't aware that there was an issue with password protected pdf documents in the windows version, at least I haven't had a problem using them. What I would like to know Emerick, is will you all ever fix the password protected pdf issue that currently exists in the android version? The problem I'm having is whenever I try to open a password protected pdf on android devices, I receive an error which says - PDF IS PASSWORD PROTECTED - Resource Not Changed.
  11. It almost looked like he/she was using a desktop version(not particular sure Windows/Mac), however, when the user pointed out that "I can long press the forward or back buttons to get the recent list", I then was assuming that he/she was using a mobile device. Hopefully they chime in to clear this up. I'm hoping this is on mobile because I can use this type of functionality.
  12. Help me understand what you did here andrewdb3 So, if I understand you correctly, you were originally asking for a drop-down option for accessing previous notes on the desktop version. Then you mentioned that you figured out how to achieve this by long-pressing on the forward/back buttons to get to this list. My questions are: 1) Were you asking how to accomplish this on the desktop version or mobile version 2) Since you figured out on your own how to do this, would you please share in more details how you did it. I'm interested in something like this also, thanks in advance. Also, long-pressing is usually on done on mobile devices, so I'm pretty sure that is what you are describing that you did.
  13. gustavgi, you are correct. I just read briefly on a topic here in the forums and it looks like "Presentation Mode" is available for the beta version for Windows. I didn't get the "memo" because I stopped using beta awhile ago since it kept getting in the way of me being able to use the system properly, but, I knew that going in!!!!
  14. According to what I've been reading, including the link above, there is not a "night mode" option for the Windows version, only for the Mac version, which also includes Presentation mode.
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