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  1. There are several software tools that might do what you are asking. They are Zapier and IFTTT. These apps integrate nicely with Evernote to setup automatic sharing of data with them, by using tags. Hope this helps.
  2. johnnysewell, I have an iPad Air 2 and my evernote accounts is synced on my iPad with no problems. What issues are you having?
  3. Hey Richard, if you look at the bottom of the screen, you should see the words - "Got It". If you click on that, the next time that you sign into your account, you should no longer get the "Work chat is new in Evernote" option. Hopefully this helps.
  4. Tap inside your note to start the process of copying pictures. After doing so, your icons should now include an icon that looks like a picture frame(it's to the right of the camera icon). When you click this icon, you should now see all pictures which are in your camera roll. You should have the ability to select as many pictures as you want to add to your note. Hope this helps.
  5. To answer your question "Music Man", yes Evernote recently made a significant, visual change to the Android Evernote app. The current version, as far as I know is - 5.9.2. To find out which version you are on, go to the homepage, click on the little "hamburger" icon(menu button at the top right corner). click on Settings. click on Support. You should now see which version is currently installed on your device. Here are some of the changes that they made: What's NewA fresh look for the app, redesigned to serve you better!Quick note-tap the round green + to create different types of notesRevamped navigation-simpler navigation drawer with direct access to shortcutsImproved note editor-cleaner layout-undo/redo capabilityHandwriting improvements- shape recognition- pinch to zoomEvernote Web Clipper Hope this helps.
  6. Chris aDams, I believe that gazumped is on to something to get this working for you. I currently have an android phone and in order to print from my phone, I select the "Share" option from within Evernote and because I have setup Google's cloud print feature on my google account, this is one of my options that come up. Once I select the cloud print app(which you also would need to install), I have all of my printers listed that I can print from. You might want to give this a try if it makes sense. Hope this helps.
  7. Not sure which browser you are using, but, have you tried to share directly to Evernote from your current browser to see if the problem persists or try a different browser such as "dolphin browser", which has a lot of add-ons, including for Evernote and Pocket. Hope this helps.
  8. I have a question regarding the new business card scanning. After scanning a card, is the info from the card supposed to auto-populate? Things such as Name, Phone#, & Email Address. If not, what's the use of scanning a business card if you still have to manually type the info in. If so, then, what am I doing wrong or how is this supposed to work, thanks.
  9. Just wanted to chime in on this discussion to share what I've discovered with the new Evernote version 5 for android that you all seem to be having an issue with. I was having an issue opening secured pdf documents that I had previously been able to open just fine until the upgrade. I believe that the problem you all are having has to do with Evernote's decision to heavily integrate their Skitch app as well as the OfficeSuite integration. According to Evernote, officesuite is available on a 1 week trial for free accounts and unlimited access for premium account owners. Try installing both Skitch and Officesuite to see if you are now able to open .doc files as well as pdfs. Hope this helps.
  10. Just curious, what's the "Send To Evernote" chrome extension and why would you use this option instead of the Evernote webclipper to send info from the internet to your Evernote account?
  11. It works for me. Here's what I did: As the instructions mentioned - Go to notebooks list, tap the download icon at the bottom of the screen(looks like a downward facing arrow inside a folder). You will now see your list of notebooks with the same download icon to the left of each one. Next, click on the download icon next to the notebook that you want to set as "Offline". Now, to make the selected notebook available offline, you must select the checkbox icon at the top left side of the screen. After doing this, you should now see the selected notebook folder show "offline" underneath the name of the folder. Hope this helps.
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