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How to use Evernote as a Study Tool?


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I monitor a group of students that get together for weekly study sessions. I have a series of study questions (some are just text, some have images associated). The questions are assigned based on the current week's topic. There are over 30 topics and each has at least 10 questions.

I wondering if I can use Evernote technology to:

  1. distribute the questions
  2. allow users to take notes on any/all questions
  3. allow the students to share their notes for each question

Ideally, the workflow for the students would look something like this.

The student would open the notebook on the Topic A. Each page of the notebook would be associated with one question within the topic. Each page would be pre-populated with the question text and any associated media files (images, audio clips, video clips). The student would add a note to each question that answers the question. The student could also associate media with the note. The student could then share his/her note with the group during the weekly discussion. The students could save each others' answers into their own notebooks.

any ideas on how to make this happen? Is Evernote technology the right way to go?

thanks for the advice.

Cathy -

*note I am not a developer. just exploring options.

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It can be done, but there are quite a few risks involved. Search for "collaboration" on this forum to see all the issues that will spring up when multiple users try to edit shared notes at the same time.

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