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(Archived) Notes open too high on display


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When I open an existing note or import a new note from outlook, the window of the note opens so high on the display that I cannot view the top of the note or the top of the window. Because I can't access the top of the window, I'm unable to drag it to a different position. All I can do is view the middle and bottom of the note or close it using the taskbar. Any suggestions?

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How to move a window whose top is not available in Windows:

* Select the window by clicking on a visible portion of the window

* Access the System menu by pressing the shortcut Alt+Space

* Select "Move"

* Use your arrow keys to reposition the window so that you can access the top of the window

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Hi turborider83, welcome to the forum :)

The Window placement should be saved in the registry.

If you find that you keep getting the window open outside of the screen area, try moving it to a place where you want it, and then exit Evernote (via File -> Exit)

This should force the settings to be saved into the registry and when you open Evernote again, it should remember your previous window settings.


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