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(Archived) Evernote - Resources (features PDF, basic how-to-use, etc)

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Hello all,

I'm considering teaching Evernote to my students when school resumes next week. (I teach fourth grade).

I wanted to create a letter for the families with the features and uses of Evernote, but rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought perhaps Evernote may have some type of PDF or such where I can download it and print to include with my introductory letter.

I searched the website (and knowledgebase) and saw many excellent videos...but nothing that I could print and share with the families to get them on board.

Does anybody know of a good resource I may use? I don't mind typing one up but as I said... time saved is a precious thing! ;)

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.


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I don't recall seeing that, but it's very useful...thanks very much for responding and for providing the link, Roschler. :)

I guess I was hoping for a one-page sheet I could perhaps photo-copy for my students' families, but at least with this resource, I can see which features and which topics I want to make sure I share.

Again... many thanks for taking the time, Roschler! :)

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