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(Archived) Win 8 'Metro' app - database storage?


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I've got some 15gb which grows 750mb per month... I love the idea of a simplified / quick EN app on 'Metro.'

That said, I am out and about with a tablet with an SSD... So space IS important, and the idea that Microsoft decided to NOT allow integrated use of database - well, that's life... On the desktop version, the 15 Gigs sits on a big SDXC card and works great. Is there anyway to set where the database is kept for the 'Metro' app? Between MS Office and Adobe CSS - the SSD just doesn't have much space left (and constantly buying a larger SSD just isn't effective, as I've got an 18 second boot now - but a hefty price tag for the drive).

Any way to 'direct' where the storage on the 'Metro' app resides?


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