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(Archived) Feature Request - Bulk Tag Deletion



Hi there

Tidying up my Evernote database and wanted to delete around 50 tags that had no assignments. Have to do it 1 by 1, and even confirm the delete for each tag. Contacted online chat - surely there is a better way? Sorry - apparently not.

So, my feature request is a better way to delete tags - should be able to control click and then delete. At very least should be able to hit delete button rather than right click. And should have option to turn off delete (which I read on the forum must have been available once, but I can't find it now).

If someone knows of a better/quicker/more efficient way then would appreciate the information and someone should let the online help people know too.

Thanks for reading!


Evernote 5.0.4

OSX 10.8.2


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Hi. I had the same thought today as well. The worst part was the confirmation message every time. I only had a few tags to delete (test ones made over the last few months for the betas), so no big deal, but some users have hundreds or thousands of tags to manage.

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