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(Archived) feature request: print notes to pdf exactly as they appear



Does anyone know how to make a feature request?

Part of my workflow is creating notes with text and pdfs interspersed within a given note. But it is not currently possible to print this kind of note to PDF and preserve the appearance of the note. Would love it if I could. I just chatted with a support person who said that it was a feature in previous versions that was removed. Why would EN do that?

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Posting in the forums is tantamount to making a feature request, as Evernote staff do read every post, as best as I can tell. It's my understanding that you can file feature supports with the tech folks as well.

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Hi Jackolicious,

Does that mean that pdfs will only print if they are placed at the end of the note? Does that mean that pdfs that are interspersed in the note are meant to print at the end? It would be useful if you could define how I can at least keep pdfs and user defined text in the same note and not have to jump thru hoops to print the entire note to pdf - even if that does in fact mean putting them at the end of the note.

Alternatively, it would be really great if there were a way to create a way to export to PDF that has an infinitely long page so that those of use who don't intend to every physically share their notes can intersperse text, images, pdfs, etc, and have the document maintain it's order when pdf'd.


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