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(Archived) Skitch Mac 2.0.3 is Live

Joe Lopez

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Skitch for the Mac version 2.0.3 is now live. You can read more and get a link to the direct download here: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/12/18/skitch-for-mac-with-more-of-your-favorite-classic-features/

For anyone using an earlier version of Skitch 2.X you should get prompted to update if you previously installed a direct download version of Skitch.

If you installed Skitch from the Mac App Store, version 2.0.3 is currently going through Apple's review process and should be available early January.

Thanks to everyone who helped beta test.

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I have a question, why you are wasting screen space like this? I have a 13" MacBook Pro and every pixel counts here (it has 1280x800 resolution). Besides removing this waste of space, I would also like to have an option to hide "Drag me" bar at the bottom of the edit window as I never use it so it also wastes screen space for me.


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I love all our products equally, but this has been an incredibly strong update. Been using the new direct link and timed snap again in beta almost daily. Cheers to the team on this one.

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