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(Archived) Change in "Find in Evernote: Win + Shift + F"


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With the lastest update, the Win + Shft + F key-stroke combo now seems to select "All Notebooks".

This pulls in all those other unstructured tags from Shared Notebooks. Some users might like to see other peoples' tags intermixed with their own. I don't fall into that group.

Is there a key-stroke combo to run "Find" and only see the tags that are in "All My Notes" (the way it used to run)?

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As far as I know, the answer is "no". We've discussed this a bit in the Win 4.6 beta topics. It is very difficult to get search on only the notebooks that belong to you. I think that the only way is to manually select "All My Notes" in the notebook list, and then type (or cut/paste) your query into the search control. Saved searches are always "All Notebooks", unless you specify a notebook or stack explicitly.

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Thank you Jefito

It turns out that only one of my shared (joined) notebooks contains tags.

All the other ones are tagless.

Sorry Owyn, you had a lot of great stuff. I'm going to miss it, but after removing it, everything is back to normal.


The "Find" feature is too powerful to live without.

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