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(Archived) TOO MANY User interfaces

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I love Evernote and I've been using just about since the beginning.

I use EN on my Mac at home, my iPhone on the road, my Windows PC as work and my iPad in meetings. I may also use the web interface when away from home. Rarely is there a day when I don't access it on at least 3 of those 5 devices.

The divergent user interfaces are driving me crazy. First, we lost the list view on the iPad and now the iPad and the iPhone don't look the same. Then we had the major upgrade to the Mac version, which looks entirely different from my PC version and my iPad version.

I pushed my favorite "buttons" up to the bar on the PC version but I can't do that on the Mac version. Now they are shortcuts on the side.

I can no longer use my iPad for GTD management as I can't see a list view (see the hundreds of responses on the iOS discussion forum on this site).

EN is great because it's multi-platform but having all these different user interfaces is so distracting to productivity and seamlessness.

The different products sometime make me think they weren't all designed by the same persons.

Here is a vote to bring the appearances of the different platforms closer together.

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They are not designed by same teams - you have mobile UI experts and supposedly Desktop UI experts. Than you have PC coders that say to Desktop UI team that can't be done on PC but can on mac than MAc coders go ape when they see whats done on PC and can't be done on Mac.

Than you have iOS Android Honey Combs Windows8 Windows7 OSXLion, Snow Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc.

On top of that all you have UI experts that want to put main menu away from the sight under the shortcut list that can only be expanded if you right click on folder to ghet expand/collapse pop up menu.

Give it a year and maybe wi;; get a workable solution till than may i recommend AWESOME NOTE - it seamlessly integrates with your EN on iPhone and iPad so at least those look the same. Also it has way more features like calendar and to do lists. Very clever exploitation of evernote database and its totally beyond me why EN could not do the same.

and desk vesion well stick with old models and only upgrade once they solve all the issues.

good luck,


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