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(Archived) How to deal with Tags

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I'm having a problem with tags. It may be that I just don't know *how* to frame the question to get the answer I need, but searching thru the forum, and reading "Evernote for Dummies" has not helped.

I want to be able to see all the notes with the same tag. For example: one of my tags is "email addys." I want to *see* all the email addys in that grouping.

I can find the list of tags, I found a list of tags that tells me how many entries share that tag. But cannot find how to *see* those entries.

It's gotta be something simple. But I cannot figure out it.

Any suggestions?

I appreciate the help!

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Depends on which platform you are using.There are many ways to search for tags.

In Windows, one method is to enter this term into the search field

tag:"email addys"

Quotes are needed because you are using a multi-word tag.

My preference would be to rename the tag to email-addys

Then you could eliminate the quotes and search for

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Another way to see the notes with your respective tag is this:

Assuming you are on Windows:

Click "All Notes" first

Make sure you have the "Tag panel" (left panel) open. To do this go to VIEW >> Show left panel (or hit F10)

Simply click on the tag of your choice and you will get all notes associated with this tag.


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