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(Archived) WC's "Save Full Page" option - need details


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When clipping, if I use the "Save Full Page" option, is WC saving an html copy of the page to my local drive? I often want to keep pages as they look (and exist) at the time I saved them, rather have a live link to the internet that constantly updates what appears in the EN note.

Is the copy saved in the EN note analogous, identical, or superior to the web archive file format in Safari for saving a page to disk (File > Save As... > Web Archive)? I note that Web Archive format files do not display in an EN note, but must be opened in Safari.

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Web Clipper converts the html into enml (Evernote markup language) when you clip a page. The clip is a stand alone instance and NOT a link. If the webpage changes your clip will not change.

The clipping process tries very hard to keep all the styling elements of the original and display it correctly in Evernote.

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