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(Archived) Related Notes could be more useful



I like the idea of Related Notes but they just aren't that useful -- to me.

Here's what would make them useful to me:

  • Right-clicking on the Related Note should give me access to a contextual menu with the standards such as "copy link note"
  • Dragging the Related Note into my current note should create a note link
  • Showing/Hiding them should be easy. Click the elephant logo or "Related Notes" should show/hide them
  • A thumbs-up or thumbs-down when hovering over it would be handy for helping your algorithm know if they're actually related or not. If the system is not ready for "voting" a little x in the corner for dismissing non-related notes (and bringing in a new one) would be handy

Edit, for example: I just had 2 of three Related Notes that were really related and I wanted to keep them there, then I added some more info and they're now gone replaced by two completely unRelated Notes.

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