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(Archived) All entries for IMPORT FOLDERS have dissappeared


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I am using (just updated to) the lastest windows desktop version (4.6.0). I was on 4.5.x.

Just noticed that ALL of my entries for IMPORT FOLDERS are gone. I assume this was is an unintentional bug. As I have good backups, I should be able to recover them. Where are the IMPORT FOLDERS settings stored and what is the name of the file(s) I need to recover ??


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I cannot repro this here, upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6 preserves folder import definitions no matter what i try. These definitions are stored inside the local database, so they are specific to database files your Evernote is using. If for some reason it started using files in different folder, your folder import definitions may be sitting in that other database file. Please check Evernote application log to see which files it opened before and now.


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