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  1. While the functionality is great, the management of Import Folders is archaic and pathetic. -users cannot expand the tiny editing window -users cannot manage the data in any sort of proper datasheet-like editing environment -users cannot copy entries -users cannot easily change an existing entry to point to a differnt source directroy (it forces you to the top) -users cannot start with the previously selected source (it forces you to the top) Its incredibly frustrating
  2. I am using (just updated to) the lastest windows desktop version (4.6.0). I was on 4.5.x. Just noticed that ALL of my entries for IMPORT FOLDERS are gone. I assume this was is an unintentional bug. As I have good backups, I should be able to recover them. Where are the IMPORT FOLDERS settings stored and what is the name of the file(s) I need to recover ?? Tx
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