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(Archived) Tip: Click on side pane, type, new TAG created.

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Interesting tip. Just click anywhere on side pane and start typing. A New Tag will be created. This tag is created on the top of the list, not under the TAG tree. This is interesting twist, perhaps useful.

Can someone confirm this behavior. Is it all right?

Below is screenshot...

Is this safe? I don't want to break the database file with doing something not standard with my notes database that can't be loaded in future updates of Evernote program.

- polo -


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This operation is "safe" ... it shouldn't break anything. However, whenever I do this, the new tag goes into the tag list in the right alphabetical order. Are you still seeing it go into the wrong place? What version of the client are you using?

If you quit Evernote (right-click on our taskbar icon and Exit), and then start it up, do those new tags go into the right place on startup?


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