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  1. Show synced notebook in Android widget Please enable selecting shared notebook to display within the widget on Android. Right now, when I setup the widget and select "Notebook" for the type of the widget, the shared notebooks are not listed at all. It only lists my own notebooks but not ones shared with me. I checked it doesn't have anything to do with the fact the account is premium or free. It's same with premium accounts - even if the notebook is locally synced, it still doesn't show up in the widget. Thanks.
  2. Here is simple language guide to run Evernote Android version on your Chrome, Chromium, Canaday browser on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. On Mac OSX the Evernote APL runs pretty decently, I would say better than running Evernote Windows application through Vine app on OSX.. How to install Evernote (and some other Android Apps) on Chrome browser: 1. Under extensions in Chrome, select Developer mode. 2. Install latest ARChon runtime for Crome from vladikoff. I went with the latest beta, on Chromium v46. To install you need to unzip it first and then load as unzipped folder through developer menu in extension view. https://archon-runtime.github.io/ 2. Then install ARC Welder apphttps://developer.chrome.com/apps/getstarted_archttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arc-welder/emfinbmielocnlhgmfkkmkngdoccbadn 3. Download the Android APK from google android play store. Use any APK Download site to save APK file. 4. Start ARC Welder app (it’s installed as Chrome app as one of the apps) 5. in ARC Welder, load the APK downloaded in step 3. You can test it if it runs. When it is run, the app is not installed, it’s run virtualized / sandboxed, however it does create a shortcut to in the Chrome apps, so that needs to be removed after that (ARC Welder offers removing it). 6. When the APK is running fine, go back to ARC Welder and press download as ZIP. This will save the APK as zip file. 7. Unzip this ZIP file and and using the Extensions view in Chrome load this as unzipped chrome extension. 8. The APK is permanently installed as any chrome app and ready to use. The apps tested that work well under ARChon: - Evernote - Google Translator (actually pretty cool) Some of the things that currently don’t work at all: - Google Play Services (although it can be installed, that apps that requires GPS don’t run and complain GPS is not installed)- Text to Speech (apparently any, I tried Google TTS and although it did install, none of the TTS front end app was able to run); Some of TTS apps such as Ivona (Beta) has nee file format APKX, and ARC Welder doesn’t seem to recognize it yet.
  3. Please check PowerApp from Todoist and how the application works on iOS. They link to web-version of the EN note. So on the phone, it's useless because I can't access it. Whether they should link to local version of the note in the Evernote iOS app is not the solution, since they have designed it that way, and there is probably good reason for it (e.g. so that when using device where there is no EN installed, it still links to the note on the web. I think it's not about experience, sometimes we need access to our notes in emergency situation, for example when travelling, downloading the EN app locally or even refreshing the notes in the iOS app can cost easily $10-30 or more. So EN should have kept the previous mobile access as rudimentary as it was, but it had given me ability to access EN service in case of need from mobile device. Obviously I an go around it by using perhaps Puffin browser and their proxy service, but that is maybe not the best solution. Another scenario could be for some reason EN application doesn't work, it's crashing etc. You know it takes a few weeks to push updates through App store. If this happens, you will have hoards of disgruntled users complaining they are not even able to access notes on the phone when needed because the app isn't working. Just a thought worth the explore because many of us consider EN part of our lives. So there should be access to information in emergency and not restricted by the whims of technology limitations.
  4. It also seems to work with Swipe. Setup swipeapp, with Evernote properly and when you go to task (not action item) there is Evernote logo on top, when you select that, you seem to be able to select notes within the notebook (project) you are in. http://swipesapp.com/
  5. Just to add to Todoist PowerApp topic: The sync with Google Calendar seems working 50% of the time and very slow. Sometimes the things don't even pop up in Calendar, although the same appointment pops up instantly without issues in Exchange Calendar via Cronofy. Could be there is interference? Does perhaps Todoist only scan new and changed notes or skip notes without getting back to them if they happen to be locked while Cronofy is running.. It seems like when Cronofy is disconnected from Evernote, Todoist PowerApp runs better with Google Calendar, but there is still this significant delay. There is no delay when syncing Evernote to Todoist app. The website is just frustrating, but I guess it's still in Beta.
  6. I beg you don't even mention that. I hope this will never happen. I rather have Microsoft or Apple buy Evernote than Google. I store my life in Evernote. The worse option could be Facebook buy it with real money or Russian hackers with stolen bitcoins..
  7. @TaskClone Caldav is limited in some way, but it is actually powerful in other respect it does do things that Google tasks didn't do (at the point of time when I reviewed it and it doesn't seem it has changed much since Google released Google Tasks) TaskClone - actually I don't doubt it can do more. It's easy to become app junkie sucker so I rather take it in small bites, if the basics don't fit into my workflow, the rest won't make up. For simple sync between calendars and Evernote, there is not much choice out there. That's not correct. There is only Cronofy and Todoist with PowerApp. Actually I managed to get the Todoist service working. They have problematic interface, the website doesn't load well and the sync is delayed by a few minutes at least. Conofy sync is absolutely instant. It's a beautiful service, simple and reliable. I hope they are going to around. It's a competitive business and you have to make sure you stay relevant, for a startup not an easy drill. I remember those days when Evernote started, it was simple no-frills and it just worked. There are more options available for sync between calendar and Evernote but these rely on mobile device. This may be option for people who care about privacy and don't want a cloud service to do that. Here are options: https://www.google.ca/search?client=opera&q=site:https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/evermatch-notes/iphone+calendar&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#q=site:https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/+calendar I made comments on the Infographic, that's not to retort. The comments are for myself so I don't forget when I look at it in a few weeks time. Ignore the comment about free, although I do pay for services that are worth it, WorkETC doesn't have freemium model to try if it works and cost is too high to justify it for things I need and some other services don't have free model either. While TaskClone integrates with these services, I assume, TaskClone doesn't fit for me right now (reason mentioned above). So i checked the other services and here are my comments.
  8. The design of Evernote web doesn't allow web browser at all. Previously there at least a crappy mobile version available. Some 3rd party apps wont be much useful. For instance, PowerApp from Todoist allows sync with Evernote and Google Calendar and it works fine. However the resulting task links to online notebook which is not shared unlike in case of Cronofy for evernote, so I can't access the notebook unless I login into the EN account online. Todoist could have possibly fetched the link to the local EN notebook rather than the link to online notebook, but it's not the way it's intended, I guess. Anyways, there are times when we may need access to evernote through online portal so some kind of support for primitive browsing device without evernote app would be still useful. More to the topic discussed previously https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80806-sorry-evernote-web-is-not-supported-on-mobile-browsers/
  9. There seem to be also quite a number of widgets for Gmail / Google Calendar that have some integration between both.. https://gcal.powerbotapps.com/#main http://www.technorms.com/563/easily-add-evernote-gadget-to-your-gmail-and-google-calendar At least you have some choice.
  10. I searched Google and there are in total 35 entries for Evernote Calendar on iOS app. Check them because I looked at them in the past and if I remember correctly there was at least one where I could actually select the existing notebook in Evernote when I was creating the appointment in that app. There was also option to have the application create a new note in Evernote if none was existing. Here is custom search: http://bit.ly/1JjqO5M https://www.google.ca/search?client=opera&q=site:https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/evermatch-notes/iphone+calendar&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#q=site:https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/+calendar
  11. Right now I think there is only one or two iOS apps that can do something what you are looking for. I don't know the names, I tried the calendaring apps in the past but I deleted as it didn't fit my process. Try searching Google for iOS apps calendar evernote keywords..
  12. I wish you support CalDav and I would be happy to pay for your service. The main issue I have with Google Tasks is it is not available in iOS and I don't want to run yet another app on iOS. Yahoo Tasks supports CalDav for instance, even though Yahoo doesn't sound like a business tool. I can achieve same integration between Evernote and Google Tasks without TaskClone, directly through Zappier. When Zappier comes out with Exchange support ( it says it's coming..) I would be able to sync between Evernote and Exchange (I hope Tasks in Exchange). For people who need Calendar and Evernote Reminders sync, you can use Cronofy for Evernote.
  13. IQTELL is unfortunately not available in the Canadian Apple App Store. So can't try. Thanks. I just read about IQTELL being shut down. OK, so that's was it I guess. https://getsatisfaction.com/iqtell/topics/important-announcement-iqtell-shutdown
  14. I use Evernote for keeping my "ambitions" which can be either "my roles", "responsibilities", "goals" or "ideas". Goals can graduate to ideas. Ideas can graduate to "action items" when they become actionable either "now" or "soon" and they can be "project related" or "independent". So it starts with "GOAL" notebook, I attach tags to it, and when things graduate, it has a tag "Calendar". Thats's workflow of things I have in Evernote. When the action items graduate, they can either become "appointment or meeting" in calendar or a "task (=to-do)" in calendar. Previously I would have to manually add the stuff to Calendar and create a sharing link to original Evernote note which is still in Goal notebook. I used various tools in the past to sync Evernote with Calendars, so I used variety of other tags or since Evernote has reminders I set the Reminder in Evernote. It worked but I wasn't completely satisfied as it was just more work to do and Evernote had to be installed and it wasn't really integrated with calendar. Until I discovered https://evernote.cronofy.com/ Now basically instead of adding the tags "Calendar or To-do" I simply add the Reminder in Evernote note and it syncs with calendar. It works. It's not bells and whistles but it just works fine. The good thing is I can add meeting attendee to my calendar appointment and other people can access the shared note. After I done the work, I think I still need to delete the reminder either by deleting it in Evernote or by deleting the calendar entry. Otherwise it will continue to show in Evernote as overdue, because it is treated as Calendar appointment and not as To-do. Actually I would like flexibility with Cronofy if I could select whether the specific reminder in Evernote will be synced as To-Do or Appointment in Calendar (maybe can be achieved using tags as I previously used in Evernote "Calendar" and "To-Do".
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