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  1. Show synced notebook in Android widget Please enable selecting shared notebook to display within the widget on Android. Right now, when I setup the widget and select "Notebook" for the type of the widget, the shared notebooks are not listed at all. It only lists my own notebooks but not ones shared with me. I checked it doesn't have anything to do with the fact the account is premium or free. It's same with premium accounts - even if the notebook is locally synced, it still doesn't show up in the widget. Thanks.
  2. Please check PowerApp from Todoist and how the application works on iOS. They link to web-version of the EN note. So on the phone, it's useless because I can't access it. Whether they should link to local version of the note in the Evernote iOS app is not the solution, since they have designed it that way, and there is probably good reason for it (e.g. so that when using device where there is no EN installed, it still links to the note on the web. I think it's not about experience, sometimes we need access to our notes in emergency situation, for example when travelling, downloading the EN app locally or even refreshing the notes in the iOS app can cost easily $10-30 or more. So EN should have kept the previous mobile access as rudimentary as it was, but it had given me ability to access EN service in case of need from mobile device. Obviously I an go around it by using perhaps Puffin browser and their proxy service, but that is maybe not the best solution. Another scenario could be for some reason EN application doesn't work, it's crashing etc. You know it takes a few weeks to push updates through App store. If this happens, you will have hoards of disgruntled users complaining they are not even able to access notes on the phone when needed because the app isn't working. Just a thought worth the explore because many of us consider EN part of our lives. So there should be access to information in emergency and not restricted by the whims of technology limitations.
  3. I beg you don't even mention that. I hope this will never happen. I rather have Microsoft or Apple buy Evernote than Google. I store my life in Evernote. The worse option could be Facebook buy it with real money or Russian hackers with stolen bitcoins..
  4. The design of Evernote web doesn't allow web browser at all. Previously there at least a crappy mobile version available. Some 3rd party apps wont be much useful. For instance, PowerApp from Todoist allows sync with Evernote and Google Calendar and it works fine. However the resulting task links to online notebook which is not shared unlike in case of Cronofy for evernote, so I can't access the notebook unless I login into the EN account online. Todoist could have possibly fetched the link to the local EN notebook rather than the link to online notebook, but it's not the way it's intended, I guess. Anyways, there are times when we may need access to evernote through online portal so some kind of support for primitive browsing device without evernote app would be still useful. More to the topic discussed previously https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80806-sorry-evernote-web-is-not-supported-on-mobile-browsers/
  5. Right now I think there is only one or two iOS apps that can do something what you are looking for. I don't know the names, I tried the calendaring apps in the past but I deleted as it didn't fit my process. Try searching Google for iOS apps calendar evernote keywords..
  6. Hello Evernote team, Evernote is still lacking integration with our busy schedules. We don't expect Evernote to be everything from coffee machine to fortune teller, we need ability to manage all the reminders and work to-dos we put in there. Evernote has Evernote-Reminders which is great, and it can pop up as a Notification when they are turned on. Right now to schedule something for a day I first check my calendar, then set alert in Evernote, then go back to my calendar app and create there a Calendar Appointment or a To-Do (depends). That's not all. I will go back to Evernote, and at least copy the shared link or copy some of the content in Evernote, then go back to calendar and past this information. Total 5 steps required. This process should be reduced to one single step. Hello Evernote Cronofy ... https://evernote.cronofy.com/ I think you should seriously think get together with these guys and invite them to work with you together, or join Evernote and purchase the company. Two reasons: 1. Privacy - I don't want 3rd party web-services have access to my Evernote account. But I can't live now without Calendar integration, so I have to allow Cronofy to access my Evernote account. I would rather prefer Evernote offers this functionality within the paid package. 2. Economics - I don't know how this company is going to survive. If they are going to start charging for the service, it better be reasonable rate, not because of being cheap but because I am already paying 3 premium Evernote accounts and I am not ready to shell out money for 3 other Cronofy sync services. Often as it is bulk of that goes to maintaining servers, upgrades, overhead etc.. See story about http://iqtell.com/and some others. I am anxious to see the integration as a native feature in Evernote: - Exchange - CalDav (Yahoo Calendar and many others) - Google Calendar The integration should give option whether I am creating a To-do Reminder or a Calendar Appointment. Microsoft OneNote for example has native integration between the content of OneNote with their Outlook application and while I don't expect anything close to that, but since Evernote is a web-service, integration with CalDav and other calendars would be boost for Evernote and ability to offer it to more business customers. Thanks for consideration.
  7. Suggestions 1. Delete confirmation (must have) OK, I don't know if it's just Mac, but I believe it's general any Evernote .. when deleting note (sending it to Trash or Trash Notebook), there is no confirmation dialogue. I have deleted accidentally notes. When I do notice that, I go to recover it from Trash. When I don't notice it I lose it. Because I would not go to Trash to check all notes again to see if I have deleted any by mistake. There should be option to set Confirmation dialogue when I delete the note, not only when I permanently discard it from the Trash or empty the Trash. 2. Deleted note should be able to move to any notebook. (nice to have) If I go to Trash and want to recover a Note, I can only "put it back" which puts it to the original Notebook. That's OK but sometimes I need to move it to different folder than the original one. It seems the menu item "Move notes" is grey out in Trash folder so I can only be recovered to original notebook. The reason it may be good to move to different notebook is because recovering the note usually means it goes back to the original notebook and then I have to search for it. I'd rather have the flexibility to move to any notebook of choice. Thanks.
  8. I share the same sentiments. Evernote is trying to target masses and compete with Google Keep and Microsoft One Note, perhaps even offer advertisement on the web version or even sell information gathered about you and your secrets, there is a lot of money to make LOL just kidding. Hope we don't experience that. The Mac version of Evernote has significantly improved. If you have Mac, just download it and try. I have almost 20K notes in 1 of my account and the other 2 accounts a few 1000's note so you can imagine how I am sensitive about this stuff. The Mac version of the application has new software code and there is no lag when you make searches. When doing search on Windows version, Evernote hangs all the time for about 5-20 seconds. I have high-end Win i7 machine with 16GB RAM so it should fly. The Mac computer is 4 years old model and works perfectly well with the new version of Evernote. I hope they will release major update for the Windows client soon. Fingers crossed. Thanks.
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