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(Archived) Notebook Sort Order when Changing Notebook


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When composing/modifying a note on my Android devices, if I touch the notebook button in order to move the note, I get a list of all the notebooks, but they are not in alphabetical, chronological or last used order.

So I have no indication where to scroll in order to get to the notebook I want. It's easier with notebooks I've used before since I know if to scroll up or down.

I think it would be logical to have it sorted alphabetically (just like in the move note window when accessed from the note list).

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I think he means when sending or saving a note to Evernote. My stacks show on the main screen when I open Evernote in Android, but if I create a new note and then click on the name of the notebook to change it, all the notebooks show up not in stacks.

So if I have a stack like this for everything relate to Evernote where Evenote is the stack name and the subpoints are the notebooks

  • Evernote
    • Add-ons
    • Training
    • Podcasts

When I go to save the note, I get options like Add-ons, Training and Podcasts without realizing they are Evernote related. I could get around this by naming them Evernote Add-ons, Evernote Training and Evernote Podcasts, but that makes the names a lot longer.

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