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  1. Yes, that would be the expected result :-) But I think those thumbnails are generated on the Evernote servers, and then returned to your browser. So it might be something on the server that pulls a tantrum whenever it sees a PNG file - hence the broken thumbnail functionality.
  2. Could it have something to do with the image type? Is it PNG/JPG/GIF/etc.?
  3. I think that when you copy/paste some text, it is the responsibility of the origin application to add styles to the clipboard. So when you copy paste from your text editor (I assume), you're only copying text, without style. And when you're copying from tohtml.com, your browser includes all the highlighting and style with the copied object. Try copying and pasting some styled text from a word processing application (Word, Writer, etc.).
  4. also, the search highlight is a bit off in the note.
  5. Try refreshing the page - you won't see the most updated version without that (or log out and back in). Hi Nancy, The normal view now really looks much better and shows more of a note: old: new: But the full view still does not show much more of the note than the normal view and therefore still does not make much sense to me: When opening a note in a seperate window in the old web client much more of a note is displayed and this I call a full view: 2015-09-07, Update: Was there a step back tonight or is it due to the Linux version or the different screen resolution? I don't see any white space improvements under Linux (1920 x 1080 pixels) this morning at work.
  6. I second that :-) Also, thanks for cleaning up the sticky posts in this forum :-)
  7. I would add that an Undo button/link would be useful in this case - maybe next to the 'Trash' link on the delete message toast. Since delete just moves the note to trash, it should be easy to move it back to its previous folder. This would save the extra click as @Linuxpete mentioned, and it would still give the user an option to "regret" the delete action without intruding with a dialog box that takes over the whole window (yes, I find full-window dialog boxes annoying).
  8. What I don't understand is why Flash is required for this... can't it be done in JavaScript? I think that may take a few tens of megabytes off the browser's memory consumption, as well as avoid another attack surface for malicious hackers (no Flash, less worries). Plus, more compatibility with a wider range of browsers. A lot of Linux users don't stick to Firefox/Chrome/Chromium, since there are other browsers that are light on system resources and get the job done just fine (e.g. https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Web).
  9. HI Nancy, This is a private note, which I created in my default notebook using Evernote Web (the new version). malockin
  10. Hi, I noticed some inconsistency with the delete button. As far as I can tell, it happens only with one note in my account. On this note, the delete button does not appear on the note window, but it still appears on the note preview in the note list: Compare to other notes, where the delete button appears in both locations: As I said, I appears to be limited to only one note, and I couldn't find anything special about this note (I have other notes with checklists and the delete button is ok there).
  11. :-) That weird D is supposed to be your profile picture, and clicking it opens the account menu. So I'm guessing you haven't set a profile picture, and your username starts with a 'D'. And there's a slightly quicker way to leave (one less click) - it's on the lower right part of the account menu (there's a button that says 'Leave Beta').
  12. with "default view" being a setting that the user chooses :-)
  13. Nothing officially announced, but I did notice that some formatting shortcuts now work (Ctrl-B for Bold, Ctrl-I for Italics, Ctrl+1 through 9 for header styles, etc.) I couldn't find a way to display them all though (i.e. quick help window/overlay).
  14. Thanks for the update! I'd like to report an issue (or maybe an annoying feature) - while editing a note, if I change the note's notebook (effectively moving it), the notebook column changes to the target notebook. I use my default notebook as a sorting gateway for my notes - any web-clippings or random notes that I don't sort during creation go into my default notebook, and I sort them out later. So the above behavior is extremely annoying, since I need to navigate back to the default notebook after moving each note (click shortcuts, then click on my default notebook).
  15. Thanks for the update :-) Image handling was one of the most annoying things in previous versions of the beta. I'm glad it was sorted out. Any update on the encrypted text issue I reported a while back? https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83048-web-client-beta-release-notes-412015/#entry357924 I still see notes as "updated" after I just view encrypted text, without making any modifications to the note itself.
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