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  1. Yes, that would be the expected result :-) But I think those thumbnails are generated on the Evernote servers, and then returned to your browser. So it might be something on the server that pulls a tantrum whenever it sees a PNG file - hence the broken thumbnail functionality.
  2. Could it have something to do with the image type? Is it PNG/JPG/GIF/etc.?
  3. Nothing officially announced, but I did notice that some formatting shortcuts now work (Ctrl-B for Bold, Ctrl-I for Italics, Ctrl+1 through 9 for header styles, etc.) I couldn't find a way to display them all though (i.e. quick help window/overlay).
  4. Thanks for the update! I'd like to report an issue (or maybe an annoying feature) - while editing a note, if I change the note's notebook (effectively moving it), the notebook column changes to the target notebook. I use my default notebook as a sorting gateway for my notes - any web-clippings or random notes that I don't sort during creation go into my default notebook, and I sort them out later. So the above behavior is extremely annoying, since I need to navigate back to the default notebook after moving each note (click shortcuts, then click on my default notebook).
  5. I had the same issue under Linux. You were signed out. Click on the toolbar button, it'll ask you to log back in. After that you'll see the Evernote options in the context menu.
  6. Yes - I can confirm that I'm still facing this issue. While I was in the Notes list (i.e. all notes), I created two notes in my default notebook. I got the messages saying that they were created in the default notebook, but I cannot see them in either view (default notebook or all notes). This was over 10 minutes ago. I can see them on my Android device, but still nothing in the Web Beta.
  7. I think Evernote should have the ability to remotely log out a session, like Gmail and Dropbox do. This would circumvent issues like the one described in this thread, plus it would enable more control over the account. All I could find is a list of access history (under Settings) - but no control over the specific log-ins.
  8. I had no problems clipping it. Looks like it's a problem on your end. Try clipping it from another computer.
  9. But I'm sure this works only with the desktop version of Evernote, right? It would be great to have native template support across all Evernote's versions.
  10. It's been very inconsistent for me lately... sometimes the note appears immediately, and sometimes it takes a few minutes to update. I can't find a pattern. This happens with new notes and when moving notes. The only thing I can think of is that the web beta's updates go through a different server than the release version, and takes them a bit of time to sync. If this is true, then there's nothing we can do about the issue as users, and Evernote has to do some improvements on their side.
  11. They mean open the folder where you downloaded the XPI file.
  12. I can't believe it took me so long to hit this issue :-) The web beta does not support RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. I can right-align the text as a temporary measure, but that can result in unordered sentences and punctuation (I'm ok if I don't use any punctuation, but that's ok only for shorter notes). Intermixing RTL and LTR texts yields even more interesting results, where the sentence begins mid-line, right after the LTR text, and ends at the beginning of line.
  13. It might be conflicting with other extensions. I've been running it with FF 35.0 on Linux and Windows without any issues since 35.0 came out.
  14. I noticed that this happens also when moving a note from one notebook to another.
  15. also, attachments finally work: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/69860-attachments-still-not-accessible-within-web-beta/ I guess it's "hidden" feature ;-)
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