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Feature request - Remembering Last view in a Notebook

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Hi evernote team !

I have a time consuming maneuver, while working with Evernote. it doesn't remember the note which I was reading when I back to the Notebook.

actually I have many notebooks included many notes. when I study a subject I have to switch between notebooks quickly. but every time I switch back to a Notebook, Evernote shows the first note which is on the top of list! so I have to looking for the specific Note which I just studied a few seconds ago !!

It would be so useful if Evernote could remember the last viewed Note in each Notebook.

thanks team !


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The Windows Evernote client seems to do this. Are you using a different one?

Hmmm, my Windows Evernote client exhibits the same behaviour as masood's - namely, after clicking into a new notebook then back to the original notebook, the note shown is the one at the "top" of the list of notes, not the one that was last viewed.

If I wanted to switch between two or more notes quickly, I would try:

  • Open each note you want to have accessible in a new window, then you can just switch between the windows as required; or
  • Drag shortcuts to each of the notes to the Favorites bar, then you can just click on the shortcut for each note you want; or
  • Create a tag, e.g. "Study Notes", and apply it to all the notes which you might need to reference, then search by that tag to show only the relevant notes, so it should be easy to jump quickly from one to another.

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