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Tagging in Evernote is pretty much as easy as anything else; not sure what would be easier. You might try having a dedicated tag with a special prefix character like '#' or '@' or something, to make it stand out, e.g. "@flag", etc.

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Actually what might be easier would be to bookmark a note with a single click. Then view all bookmarked notes. There would need to be a clear all bookmarks as well.

Not that tags are difficult, but I often have a long tag list on notes and working with tags can be a little more tedious than say bookmarks.


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"Easier" in the sense of using what features Evernote has today. So far as I know there's been little interest on Evernote's part in 'favoriting', 'starring', or 'bookmarking' specified notes. So to my mind, tags is it; notice that tags that have a special character as a prefix will tend to float to the front of tag lists, which can make it easier to deal with such special tags. Far be it from me to questions anyone's tagging practices, but if you're using a lot of tags, and it's becoming onerous, you might try moving to an embedded keyword scheme; some folks put special markers in note titles or in the note body.

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