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  1. I would love to find a plugin for Microsoft Word (Mac in my case) which searched evernote and copy and pasted the contents of the EN note into word. Even better would be if instead of the EN text itself, a field code would be inserted into Word so that updates to EN would be reflected in Word. As an example of what I am thinking about consider EndNote and their plugin for Word, CWYW. The idea is that I keep research notes (quotes) in EN. When I find a mistake in the quote I have to fix it two places. Also, while not difficult, I have to switch from Word over to EN, perform a search, select and copy the text, then switch back to Word and paste. This could be handled by a dialog in Word from an EN plugin. I haven't been able to find anything like this available. If there is something, please let me know. If not, perhaps someone would be interested in developing and selling such a product. Thanx Tim
  2. Thanx Hugh. I did search, but for whatever reason, did not see the previous discussions. Nevertheless, I agree with Hugh, the more comments the more likely that changes will come. It isn't a matter of not liking Evernote. As with any feature requests, it is the hope that Evernote will be an even better fit for our use. I wrote software for 20+ years before returning for my PhD. I am well aware that user feedback does have an impact on design (or at least should have). Thanx Tim
  3. Why are the number of notebooks limited at all? I would like to see the limit removed or at least increased to some large number. In my case, I separate my research notes by the resource they came from. Each source is a separate notebook. 250 is not sufficient for my use.
  4. I'm looking for a plugin for MS Word for Mac 2011 which would allow me to search evernote and paste into Word. I use Evernote to collect my research notes. If anyone has used EndNote, with it I can search for a book and paste the note into Word without ever leaving word. EndNote installs a menu in Word. I would like a similar thing for Evernote. So I could paste a research note without leaving Word. Yes I can switch back and forth, copy and paste, but looking to make life a little easier. Maybe someone has already created just such an addin for Word? Thanx Tim
  5. Actually what might be easier would be to bookmark a note with a single click. Then view all bookmarked notes. There would need to be a clear all bookmarks as well. Not that tags are difficult, but I often have a long tag list on notes and working with tags can be a little more tedious than say bookmarks. Tim
  6. I use evernote for research. Frequently I review my notes and select certain ones to work with. In the past I have used a tag such as 'A' to gather these "flagged" notes. Is there an easier way to temporarily flag notes? Thanx Tim
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