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(Archived) Tab vs Ctrl+M


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When I press Tab key Evernote adds 5 spaces. When I press Ctrl+M Evernote actually indents.

Shift+Tab does nothing. Shift+Ctrl+M undoes one indent.


specifies that Tab is alternative to Ctrl+M. Clearly it's not.

Is this inconsistent behavior by design? Is there any way to get Tab/Shift+Tab to act as alternative to Ctr+M/Shift+Ctrl+M?


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The Knowledge Base article is wrong, and has been (on that point, at least) for some time. There was a time when Tab indented (and Shift+Tab dedented), but obviously that's not the case now. Not sure why the change was made. I don't know of any way to make Tab behave like Ctrl+M, unless you can tweak some third-party program like AutoHotKey to do it. More bother that it's worth, to me; I just use Ctrl+M.

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In bulleted and numbered lists, [TAB] indents to the next bullet level, while [sHIFT][TAB] unindents back to the previous level. Pressing [ENTER] twice also drops to the previous level.

Also, [CTRL]M = [TAB] and [sHIFT][CTRL]M = [sHIFT][TAB] in numbered and bulleted lists!

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