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REQUEST: Improve note sort-order accessibility



I often wish to quickly change the sort order of my notes in certain notebooks or after note searching; between 'title', 'date updated' and 'date created', and between ascending & descending.

In older versions of Evernote this required a few annoying clicks, first to select the 'Sort by' field, then to set the ascending/descending order (not helped by the fact that sorting by Title in ascending order means A-Z, and sorting by a Date in ascending order means oldest to newest — so switching between a date and title sort requires two changes as most of the time I wish a date search to show the newest notes first (= descending order).)

Evernote 5 makes selecting a sort order less efficient again: 1. We first click on the 'View options' icon in the notes list, 2. Drag pointer to 'Sort by' and select option from sub-menu, 3. Repeat all this again to set the sort order ascending versus descending. This is a frustrating and slow process if you wish to quickly switch back and forth between different sort orders in order to process notes in a particular order.

Two solutions:

1. Create keyboard shortcuts for selecting sort fields and toggling between ascending and descending sort orders.

2. Add field sort-order buttons/links to the toolbar or note list top-bar. Both Windows & Mac UI convention solved this problem decades ago: single clicking on a field header sorts the list by that field. Clicking again reverses the sort order from ascending to descending.



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I agree that it would be nice to have quicker access to sort changes. Windows does this pretty well, and I cannot really think of anything I could do to improve on that implementation short of being able to have the sorts pulled into the Shortcuts menu :)

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I strongly agree with this request. I've been using Evernote for 5 years, and that's the only thing I wish.


I often change the sort by title or date, so I wish that the icon is put in customizable tool bar.



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