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(Archived) Feature Request-Due Date

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After reading many of the recent Mac 5.0 posts, I think Eye-Candy has grabbed the top spot.

Evernote does not think of itself as a task-driven program so the due date is not as important (as some of the users mistakenly think - myself included).

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If you would like more information, here is the official request thread link.

It contains 200 posted user comments with 20,000 views - now 10 screen pages long


Dear Mr. JBenson2:

We here at EverNOT are very busy. Please keep up the good work, and when you have a reasonable (by our standards) number of signatures on your petition for a "Due Date", please submit it.

We are working on some very important issues, like exactly how many icons can you have on a toolbar without being cluttered, and, what color should they be, or should they even have color. We do live in a grey (or is that gray) world, you know. Some think its black and white, but I have to stick with grey until I can decide. There is only color if you live on the Space Station where there is no fog. Of course, you have to pay the Russians to get you there (didn't we win the Space Race?!?!).

We don't really see the need for something called "Due" date. Here at NOTEver, we just publish when we get close to being done, ready or not, due or NOT. We feel sure that with 40M+ users someone will find most of our bugs. We were told to hide them like an Easter Egg hunt.

We do have the world's next, best, greatest, coolest, beautiful (we can use that word now that Mr. Jobs has passed), did I say coolest, UI known to mankind (well, except for those old, old, Egyptians). Some of my very, very old friends tell me that "cool" was invented last century in the late 60's, but I don't believe it. Nothing was cool until the X generation.

You know the iPhone/iPad has hundreds of thousands of apps (what do they all do??), so we must make sure our gray app with a green elephant does stand out. You see we learned that Apple likes to have a rainbow of colors on their top app list (even though they removed all colors from the Mac), so we colored our grey elephant bright green, and lo and behold, it worked.

We don't really care if you actually use our app, we just want you to buy it for FREE, and download it so we can get our count up. You see, that's why we have only ONE iOS app that looks completely different on the iPhone than on the iPad. We must consider high counts.

We now have given away close to 40M copies of our apps. We think that when we get close to 100M, then there will be a big demand for our IPO. Unless you have the luck of the facebucks, we hear there's lots of green stuff given out in an IPO. And you know how we like green, well, except for grey. And gray on grey is even better. It covers up our typos ("millions" doesn't seem to be in our spell checker).

We hope to be a 100-year company and even start making real money some day. Look at Amazon. After about 15 years they have moved up to about 1.5% profit margin. We think they could sell more if they would just give it away FREE like us. One of our close advisers tells us you can always make it up in volume. But we really don't like it that loud.

So keep those cards and letters coming, and we'll keep the light on for you, if only we knew your arrival due date.

Regrettably yours,

Regis Philbin (aka Dr. Phil)

Wanna-be Designer-in-chief and Head Bottle Washer

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I am a HUGE fan of GTD and use GTasks to keep track of all my ToDos. Evernote is so beautiful and I made the switch today. I spent $45 on a yearly subscription to be a premium user as well.

I found this thread searching for how add the due date. I figured it was a missing feature for Android versions. I'm absolutely FLOORED to learn that this feature doesn't exist. I'm even more shocked that they've been promising it for so long and haven't delivered. I'm a Senior Software Engineer and I can tell you that it's not a difficult feature to add. My assumption is that their code is such a mess that they can't get it working right. Either that or they can't afford to hire someone to code the features.

I guess I'm out $45 and going back to GTasks. What's the point of a ToDo list without reminders and due dates to organize & sort them. I have a couple hundred items in my ToDo list. I can't just BROWSE them 5 times per day. How are they expecting anyone to use this for business purposes?!

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Only 2 months left for Phil Libin's most recent Due Date promise.

It looks less & less likely he will hit the release date.

Don't mean to shoot down your post, but...
As Yogi Berra (greatest catcher in baseball history) famously said:
"It's deja vu all over again."

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