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(Archived) Merging notes in Evernote for Windows to keep a running time line


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Of late, I have numerous notes that are regarding the same topic and that are either updated or appended as the topic is opened, moved forward and ultimately closed. Sadly, I was hit by SuperStorm Sandy and need to track conversations, emails and clippings for and with the insurance adjusters etc. It seems easier to have everything in one note and scroll it for what I am looking for than to have multiple notes.

I have begun merging notes to keep the time lines clear. All the merged notes have the same Tags and reside in the same Notebook. The Created: and Updated: time stamps don't give me a running timeline, just a beginning and end, so I have been including the date in the subject line. I see that the notes are merged in time order with the newest at the bottom and I prefer it be newest at the top, which leads me to a cut & paste procedure to have the resulting note ordered to my liking.

I am thinking there must be an easier way.

If merging the notes is the best solution, how can I control the order in which the notes are displayed after being attached? Most recent on top and in oldest on the bottom. Is there a way to display a time stamp in either the subject line or in the header that results when the notes are attached?

What is the better way??


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@MikekiM Have you thought of using note links instead?

You can create a list of links by selecting multiple notes as if you were going to merge but instead right click and select copy notelinks... then paste these into a note. When you click a link it will move to that note, but you can use the backwards/forwards buttons to navigate between the 'index' and the notes in the list.

When merging, it merges in the order you select them (in windows client).

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Thanks very much.. I'll try it but not sure if an index is what I need..

I recall a post on the Evernote blog about a claims adjuster who coordinated with his wife for the purpose of handling claims. They were able to time stamp each note in the body of the note.. Might have been a manual thing they did.

I'll look at the index, but hoping there is another option..

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