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(Archived) Evernote desktop stopped working - blank


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Evernote has stopped working on my Windows 7 desktop & I'm completely LOST without it. I use it for everything!!! The left hand menu bar shows all of my tags & # of notes in each folder, but the # of notes is grayed out. The main area which usually shows the list of notes either in the All Notes folder or whichever individual tag folder I select is EMPTY. There is nothing to look at, completely blank. I tried opening a new note as a Test file. It was not visible, but it was added to the count in my All Notes file & I was able to find it using the Online version. However, I can't stand using the online version because it is not as user friendly & items appear in different formats compared to my desktop version. My daily calendar & everything is in there. I literally won't be able to function on Monday without it. It seems I've become too reliant on Evernote. Have spent hundreds of hours setting up this system to create exactly what I want. Will be very disappointed if this problem can't be resolved!!! I am using the latest version of Evernote, there are not updates available. Could this problem have been created by an automatic update?. Help...Does anyone know how I can fix this problem quickly?

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Hm. Not exactly sure what to make of this. Can you go to VIEW and check your preferences (you might have unticked something accidentally).

Also go to TOOLS >> Options and look at your database folder (which holds all your notes), the file has the format


If it is there, all your notes should be there as well. Is the path to this file location set correctly?

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Just to verify, if you use the web client, all of your content is there, right?

In addition to what Wern has suggested, you may want to go through an uninstall/re-install cycle. Tedious, but worth a shot.

As far as I know, there's been no recent updates, and even if there were, you should always be seeing the installation dialogs. Evernote doesn't do secret updates.

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