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(Archived) Using Evernote as a replacement to Cardscan

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I bought Cardscan in 2005 and loved it for keeping track of contacts. It would scan the business card, read the phone numbers and E-mail addresses, and then sync those fields with negative. One negative: one could not export the business card image anywhere.

Fast forward to now using Evernote with my Scanscap scanner. I can easily scan cards. However, there is no easy way to move that information into Outlook. I recently upgraded all my systems to Windows 7, and Cardscan does not work with Windows 7 (I'm not clear if that is an issue with the software, the card scanner, or both).

Are there any good apps out there to take business cards scanned in Evernote and move them into Outlook?

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I keep all my card scans in Evernote and copy/ paste into Outlook if/ when I need to. Evernote's a more flexible way to keep contacts anyway (IMO) although there are no apps I'm aware of that will do what you asked.

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Good way, however I use CardFila.com to collect all business cards on iPhone because it is so easy to collect, find and use any contact at any time.

Just capture by CardFila and the store on Cloud server forever. Never worry about losing business cards anymore . Capture fast and simple operation (taken ~ 200 cards/10 minutes). Capture anywhere by mobile phone.

You can access the contacts everywhere without Internet connection by using CardFila for Mobile (iPhone or Android phones). I also can do this on Android, computer, laptop

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