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(Archived) HELP: Processing notes.


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Dear Evenote Community:

I have been using Evernote for a lot of things in the passed few months and have become a premium member.

I am also an avid fan of David Allen's GTD method. I am currently using RTM and Evernote to implement my GTD.

Evernote is used for keeping a list of my active projects. In each active project I input the next actions. I than have a saved search for "notebook: projects" and "todo:false" -- this allows me to bring up all of the projects which have next actions associated with them. After that I input those next actions into the relevant context lists in RTM.

However, with over 100 projects (as defined by requiring more than one task) it has become very tedious to process and assign next actions to all of the projects.

Can anyone please assist me with a fast way of processing each note in Evernote.

This has become especially challenging with the upgrade to Evernote 5.

In the old version of the iPhone App one was able to go from note to note with the small little arrows on the bottom of the screen.

And in the Evernote for Windows there are actions which make this the biggest PITA.

I find myself doing the following.

  1. Go to the Projects Notebook
  2. Go to the first project
  3. Use the mouse to go to edit the first project

    1. Or press tab tab and scroll to the bottom of the note
    2. After completing to edit the task and add the next action I than have to go back up to the note list area and click on the next note
    3. Or even worse the note that was just edited goes to the top and I have to now scroll back down to where I was holding as far as editing was concerned.

      Is there a better or faster way to process notes quickly??
      Please help with this. Thanks
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I think you are at least partly referring to the same issue I highlighted in this post:

That is,with certain operations the left hand pane containing the Notes and Tags refreshes and you lose your place in the Note or Tag tree making certain repetitive editing operations a lot more work.

-- roschler

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