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I have the evernote app (free), no comments. I am an Ipad3 user.

I bought the everwebclip app for ipad, and there lies my anger.

The instruction movie is really bad and the info is misleading.

The instruction says that the app doesnt work immediately.

After getting an account, you have to put something in "bladwijzers", you call it bookmarks.

After you put the link in bookmarks the instruction video ( and the instruction text) then what?

The instruction vid says something about an option in the bar, which does not exist for ipad3 users. The vid shows a menu which i haven t seen.

Gosh, the vid goes too fast and the it looks like you are talking chinese to explain what to do next.

I have the idea that it will not be possible to store a webpage in evernote, by just 1 click.

Stupid me. Can somebody clarify?

Also opened a thread on the Dutch forum to warn people!

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Is EverWebClip an Evernote product?

AFAIK, Evernote itself does not produce an iOS web clipper. All iOS web clippers are created by third party developers. However, the two I've used function similarly. You have to create a bookmark & then change the bookmark code. The ones I've used (IIRC, pinning for Pinterest requires the same steps), it's a bit confusing at first, but very easy to do, if you follow the instructions.

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Thank you kritou,

Your help is most appreciated. I had to install 2x because the website showed the message that the website was not available.

The company instruction video of Webclipper is bad. Just horrible. Lorenzocaum did a good job with this instruction vid. The video of your link is perfect and understandable. There is also another way to get the same result, but i preferred to do it the legal way. Kritou I m kicking off to write a thesis. Cant afford to lose my data.

Is it possible to store data from evernote to dropbox so that I have a backup. Dropbox is the only cloudsystem which has been reliable to me. Thank you kritou.


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