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(Archived) How to send *positive* feedback to EN

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Hi, I've been wondering for a while what's the best way to send positive feedback to Evernote. I ask because I use various clients across a bunch of devices, and they all run slightly differently, but every now and then I notice that one does something much better than the others or something that was awful with that client is now a ton better. I know how to send service requests for when something appears to be broken, but does anyone know what the best ways are to let Evernote know that something's been fixed and you like it? I'm a premium member if that matters.

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It is sort a gamble if you post your message here on the forum. An Evernote employee might see your comment and might bring it to light at an Evernote staff meeting.

To be assured that a comment is read by Evernote staff, I find the Evernote technical support the best channel. You can be assured your comment will be documented in their system and read by an actual employee of Evernote.

Select the following options to register your comment.

From Evernote.com

select Support Home

select Get Technical Support

Problem: I have some other problem not listed here.

Other Issues: Feedback

Details: (up to 64,000 characters)

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But don't be shy about expressing yourself in the forums either. It will be read by an Evernote employee, and other users might benefit from your discovery. It also doesn't hurt to have some goodwill spread around here, too.

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