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Allow Keyword View by Notebook


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Just download 5.0 for Mac.

Looks good.

It would be helpful to not only see a list of all tags, but to also be able to view all tags that occur in any one notebook/subject area only.

For example, I have a multitude of notebooks related to work and personal. One of my work notebooks has many many tags (I like to think of them as files). Many of the others have only 1-2 tags.

When I see a list of ALL tags for ALL notebooks, in alphabetical order, I still have to look for particular tags for any notebook I want to view.

Is it possible to have a drill-down from ALL TAGS -> ALL TAGS CONTAINED IN _________ NOTEBOOK?

Or, when bringing up a Notebook, to see a list of all the tags in that notebook?

Thank you.

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This is just the feature I want too. Surprised by the lack of replies. It really would be a great feature. Why is it met with no responses? At least let us know what you think.

If I understand the OP's question correctly, I think they are asking for a feature that already exists in Windows. If you turn off the toggle in View for "show unassigned tags," when you click on a notebook, then you will only see tags that exist in that notebook. Is this what the OP wanted?

I thought we had it in the last version for the Mac, right? This might have been one of the features that was removed with the introduction of a new sidebar on the left, though.

It seems like a good idea to me for the interface, but I cannot say why more people haven't commented. It doesn't surprise me, because I think the new interface has generated a lot of comments on the forums, and this request doesn't push as many buttons for people as something like the missing navigation buttons does.

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Hi GM thanks for trying to help. Cannot find this on the mac :(. I have Version 5.0.0 (400524) which appears to be the lastest (app store says no new updates). I have been through all the menus and searched for help. Does anyone know when this highly useful feature will be added to the mac version? It's a shame us mac users should have to miss out!!! Or did I miss it in my search?

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