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(Archived) Note Securing

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Im looking to try and get the team to make it so you can password protect specific notes intead of just the pin to get into the notebook i keep some personal info in my notebook and would like to see it made so people can password protect the notes in specific or the notebooks to make sure nobody can just get into the ones you want kept private and ones you might share with others if they were to get your pin for the account.

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Don't understand. Are you talking about the security of notes in your personal account, or do you want to share notebooks around but make some pages unavailable? You can keep notes very private by having a local (unsynced) notebook which is stored only on your own computer. Notes there are not otherwise visible to others unless you choose to share, in which case you keep your private notes in a different notebook. If you're worried about someone reading your notes on your own computer, check the security available to lock your screen/ encrypt the drive.

I'd say having a pin number per notebook as well as a username/ password is just going to be a pain to get into notebooks - especially on small phone screens.

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