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(Archived) Can Evernote calculate receipts like a spreadsheet?



Hi All,

I'm new to EN. I really like it. I primarily want to use to capture receipts for now. I use Paperless app to store my receipts for now but EN is way better. However, Paperless allows users to store $$$ amounts and calculate those amounts.

I was searching for a way to add (customize) "Amount" to menu items. Then I can see $$$ totals based on tag, stack or notebooks...etc

Can EN calculate the receipt(s) amount? Is there such a feature? Is that possible?


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You can scan to EN but EN itself does no calculations.

Thanks, how do I suggest this feature to EN? It would be cool if I could add an "Amount" column to the note.

This message board is the place to post feature requests. So you've already done so. However, I don't think EN is too keen on this type of item, since it would require a specific field that would be numeric & therefore able to be available for a calculation.

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