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(Archived) Deleting pictures/soundfiles, uploade more than one picture

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Hi! I have some questions (ios 5, iphone 4):

1. How can I upload more than 1 picture at a time - I have like 800 pics on my phone, and I want to add the first 30 to one note - I have to browse back to the first picture, mark it, and then add it.. then I have to do it again for 29 times. Why can't I mark more than one picture? This is really annoying, and takes ages. Hope you can fix this

2. When I upload pictures, I can't delete it from the note (unless I delete the note completely). It should be an edit option. When I mark one picture, the only option is copy. You should add an cut/delete option.

3. Same as above for sound files. When I record sound from evernote, I can't delete the soundfile without deleting the entire note.

Hope you can fix this.

All the best Morten

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If you want to add a lot of photos, I'd suggest you use a desktop client. I use an iOS app (Camera sync) to transfer my photos from my iPad & iPhone to Dropbox. I then use my PC to move the photos to an import folder. (Please use the search function if you need more info on import folders,). Then you can use the merge function to merge multiple photos into the same note. Or, I can select multiple images & drag them to EN where they will be added into the same note. However, there is a note size limit, so you'll need to be sure the images you're wanting to combine into a single note will not exceed that.

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So I have looked all over HOW DO YOU DELETE A PICTURE FROM ANOTE WITHOUT DELETING THE ENTIRE NOTE? Or rearrange the order that the pictures are in? Also can you put a note on each picture in one note ? Also is there anyway to put a little space between photos,they blend together?

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