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  1. I like to just do my clipping, and then organize. On Iphone I use Everclip. Can I use something similar for mac?
  2. I have Windows 7 at work, and Maverick at home. What do I search for, to remove these carriage Returns and paragraph marks?
  3. Does that work? I only have the webclient now - but I can probably do simplify in the app? I pasted the text With ctrl + shift + v, and that should remove the formatting, afak.
  4. I copy text from a newspaper, and when i paste it in evernote (and other programs) it will be like this "mannen gikk nedover gata, for å se på husene" I want to have all in one line, without the extra spacing. Is it a way to fix this?
  5. Ok, I hope Evernote in the future will let me mark more than one picture when adding directly in evernote. Now I have to pick ine, add, and pick one more. Thank you for your information anyway. The order can be a gmail problem.
  6. Yes, my outgoing gmail has different order than the note created in evernote. So Evernote does something, for sure. Yes I can kind of do it manually in evernote, but I just wanted an option to avoid different order. S
  7. All the pics is in one note; can I controll the order within a note. I think the Problem is that evernote sort alphabetical inside a note. 11 is after 1. S
  8. Hi! When I mail pictures from my iphone (via gmail) to my evernote account the order is changed. It looks like it sorts after size? Can I change this? The order is right in my mail view, but not when I sync in Evernote. S
  9. Hi! I have some questions (ios 5, iphone 4): 1. How can I upload more than 1 picture at a time - I have like 800 pics on my phone, and I want to add the first 30 to one note - I have to browse back to the first picture, mark it, and then add it.. then I have to do it again for 29 times. Why can't I mark more than one picture? This is really annoying, and takes ages. Hope you can fix this 2. When I upload pictures, I can't delete it from the note (unless I delete the note completely). It should be an edit option. When I mark one picture, the only option is copy. You should add an cut/delete option. 3. Same as above for sound files. When I record sound from evernote, I can't delete the soundfile without deleting the entire note. Hope you can fix this. All the best Morten
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