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ios Evernote Sync Error

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 have the same problem with my I-phone not syncing audio recordings. I have spend days and hours trying to sort this out. I have also logged a support ticket 3 times with no response. I am also a premium user. What a shame that things have deteriorated to this degree. 

Anyone have any other apps they can recommend that are similar and have audio recording as well as notes?

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2014 and always the same problem. It's a joke (2 years after).


I don't want uninstall Evernote et reinstall it because I created lots of notes and that will be really long


PS : Happily Evernote has changed my life and I love this software because that make up the things like that who annoy me deeply.



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Was wondering if I made a mistake upgrading, but I'll persist..


What I have found when using multiple devices is that things get confused if more than one tries to connect at the same time. I normally have evernote running in the background on my macbook so if I am out and about with my iPhone and want to view/sync things can get out of place. I've sorted the synch errors by wiping the app on iOS and reinstalling when no other versions are running. This forced a complete clean synch which I did overnight on my home broadband - but I had to switch the iPhone so that it didn't lock as that stops the process. So far after a couple of days no issues.


If I'm right its a multiple devices trying to sync at the same time issue which in fairness confuses lots of servers, (think of problems with address books and calendars). I'll report back in a few days..

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