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(Archived) Battery Drain - Android (Sync options?)


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Ever since I began using Evernote (wonderful) when other applications stopped syncing with MSexchange notes, I've found battery life to be profoundly decreased on my Android. I suspect that this has something to do with the syncing process. Unlike similar applications, there is no option on the android to choose a syncing routine. Is it continuously looking for changes in order to sync?

Can this be effecting my battery life? Is it possible to add a selection of sync intervals and/or push sync only when a change is made on the Android device or another?

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You can always turn off syncing where you have to go to the app in order to sync manually. The app should automatically sync once you open the app. You can also change the syncing time intervals by going to your Settings > Sync Notes > and tap on the first Sync option, you can turn it off completely (this is just background sync) or set it to every 15, 30, 60 minutes or a day.

You can also see what is using up your battery by going to the System Settings and scroll down for the Battery information. It gives you a nice graph and what apps are using how much of your battery.

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