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(Archived) Feature Request: Well, More of an Idea

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I was using Evernote last night and I had an idea for a feature.

Let's say you're working on a Microsoft Word file. In order to get it into Evernote, you have to save it somewhere locally on your computer and then drag that file into a new note in Evernote. It would be awesome if you could save the file directly from Word or Excel into Evernote.

I know you can setup a monitor folder that more or less accomplishes this now, but if it were possible to integrate Evernote into Word or Excel like it is in Outlook - well, that'd be the "bees knees". -_-

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Nice idea, but I think the problem with that would be: to which version of Office would you like to have Evernote cosy up? 2003? 2007? 2010? and there's the new Cloud version(s) now too... That's a lot of research and development to -maybe- make a save possible - and then where would you save it to? Is Evernote going to take over as your E:\ drive?

On the other hand you could nominate a Dropbox account as your Import folder and save to that from anywhere, just like you do to your home hard drive - and then when you open the file again from a Note, you'd be able to save it back into the note without any problem - just don't use Save As...

Not being negative, just practical - and selfish; I want the guys working on other long awaited stuff like things that shall be nameless but have the initials DD (and I'm not talking cartoon ducks...)

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As a programmer myself, believe me, I hear you. I love the requests that are like "...and then you could make that blink when I need to take action on it...oh, and could you make it blue because that's my cat's favorite color - that wouldn't be too hard I wouldn't think, right?". To which I usually respond - :mellow:

You're absolutely correct - just thought it would be cool to be able to throw a file into a notebook of my choosing straight from an app. But I guess it would be difficult to draw that line. If you could do it in Word and in Excel, why not also in Autocad or GarageBand?

I use a notebook called "Quick Notes" to process all my incoming data so to have it save there would be sweet.

But again, I hear you.

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