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Evernote start up message


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Hi Tractorman, welcome to the forum :)

EDIT: For anyone else that finds this thread, Tractorman found a solution thanks to Evernote Support.

Turns out there was something deleting username.exb.bak in the database folder.


So, I managed to get the attachment to work, but for some reason can't get it to work again, so I imagine that others may have trouble.

Effectively it is the message that is shown when Evernote finds an exb file. For the benefit of others:

We have found that xxxxxxxxx has an existing account synchronized to this computer



Select a copy of the database to use

-> Path to exb file

As for the issue itself, I am not too sure.

What do you choose when you get that message?

Have you re-installed Evernote recently?

Does quitting Evernote via File -> Exit and then re opening Evernote still show the message?

(Maybe the location is not being saved and this could force the save)


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Hi Mrs1470


It was thought that System Mechanic was responsible but actually it turned out it wasn't.  I still get this message when I start Evernote and I have to click on the button confirming the account the system has "found" to continue.  I have to admit that I didn't do anything about it because I was just oo busy at the time and now I've just got used to living with it.  However you are right, it is annoying and if anyone finds a solution I would be glad to know about it.


Quitting Evernote with File . Exit then starting again does not usually produce the prompt but after a reboot or an upgrade to Evernote it appears again.

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